Growing Grey


Here is the low down on the only TWO methods to growing out your grey.

  1. Cut it short. This is the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and bravest way to transition. Grow out your roots long enough for your stylist to cut a pixie then you’re on your way to growing it back out without any hair color appointments. Going grey is already a big change so making yet another drastic change at the same time may send your body into a state of shock.

  2. Color Correction. This process has many steps and it can take a few sessions to get it perfect. I recommend having at least 3-4 inches of regrowth when you arrive for your first appointment. Color correction can involve stripping the hair of your old color, mixing in small amounts of highlights and low lights all over your head to customize the color in matching the unique pattern of your natural grey hair. The last step includes toning the highlights with a silver shade. A color correction appointment can be several hours long and will cost around $100 an hour.

Yes, it’s a steep price for some but think about the additional amount of money you’ve spent in the salon to cover your grey over the past five years (or longer). Consider how much of your hard-earned income you’ll be spending in the salon over the next 20 years to continue coloring your grey hair. It isn’t a number that’s in the cheap column either. Talk to us about your options and how we can help you!

Check out my own mother’s dramatic AND tearful reaction to her BIG reveLATION oN transitioning from coloring her hair every SIX weeks to going NATURALLY grey! Her appointment waS SEVEN hours long and so worth it!


Are you are beginning to think about growing out your grey hair after years of trying to cover it up with hair color? We think it’s a great idea. If you ask your hairstylist her opinion and she tells you that you don’t have a “good grey,” RUN AWAY from her chair as she won’t be the one to support your transition with your best interest at heart. You do have a good grey and it’s important to find a stylist who has the experience to guide you through this journey. The patterns and color variations of those silver strands are perfectly matched with your skin tone and eye color. If you are ready to embrace this hair journey then I hope this article is an encouragement for you.

What is the maintenance once it’s grown out?

Grey hair can be textured, dry, and coarse, thus requesting a deep conditioning treatment at your haircut appointments—or buying a conditioning mask to do at home—will be very beneficial in restoring your hair back to its health once we’ve stripped your hair color. Lastly. keep in mind that grey hair, just like blonde hair, has a tendency to yellow from the sun. Try maintaining your grey hair with a purple shampoo (as needed) to secure the bright shimmer on your head.