Pimple Shaming

By: Serena Di Prinzio

There you are. Look at you! Smart, independent, confident, funny, witty and just plain gorgeous! 

How quickly this can change the minute a pimple graces your face. You go from all of these things that are TRUE about you to a much smaller and less confident version of yourself because you feel ashamed and ugly. You begin going down the list of what in the world caused this darn thing to appear on your face. We all do it. Was it that chocolate I ate? Maybe its because I didnt wash my wash right after my workout...? It must be something I put on my face! Suddenly your entire, beloved skin care regimen is under investigation. It must be that serum that I used that one time! Or my personal favorite is....maybe it is because I sleep on that side of my face. How dare you get rest you princess! 

Let’s have a chat about PIMPLE SHAMING.

We all do it. We get that one red, inflamed pimple on our face and we shame ourselves and hide behind spot treatments, picking to try to get rid of it (it never works) and follow it up with a spackle of concealer trying to hide it.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE - Pimples here and there are a NORMAL occurrence. (f you are suffering from full blown or chronic acne, that is different and I get the frustration and pain and I want you to get the help you need to get that under control. I'm here for you). Today, we are not talking about full blown acne, we are talking about the pesky pimples we all get from time to time. Maybe once a month, possibly before a certain moumentous monthly event (insert uterus emoji) or maybe just a fun, random pimple in the middle of your forehead that decides to show up randomly right before your 20 year high school renuion. Cool, cool. 


Here's what I want you to understand so you can get a little more comfortable with WHY you may get clogged pores, blackheads, pimples and all of the general things that can happen to our faces. At the base of your pores are your awesome oil glands (also called sebaceous glands if you are a skin science nerd like me) that are supposed to produce oil, which in turn is responsible for hydrating and protecting our skin. Neat, right? Thanks oil! Sometimes that oil clogs the pore as it comes up to the surface, then bacteria or inflammation get involved and a darling lil’ pimple forms. Throw in the fact that, as women, our hormones are constantly shifting and fluctuating which leads to peaks and valleys in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, to name a few. These ups and downs are NORMAL and they are what allows us as the female race to have energy, focus, sexual vitality, a strong immune system, the ability to conceive a baby if we choose and overall health. It’s all reaaaaal normal.

Aren’t you thankful for your hormones? I know I am. I’m so freaking grateful. When I get a pimple on my chin or jawline I know that it is hormone-related. This area is a classic zone for breakouts related to dips and/or spikes in certain hormones. But guess what? Those dips of estrogen and progesterone are what needs to happen for your body to properly menstruate. And those spikes of testoterone are what is essential for us to ovulate. Our hormones are little chemical messengers that travel through the body and coordinate complex processes that are essential for our health. Your body needs these hormones to build muscle, regulate your body temperature, boost your mood, energy and brain cells. Let's not fight against them.

These two lil’ red pimples on my chin make me happy. They really do. I know that my hormones are kickin’ ass, doing their job and keeping me VITAL. And if its a forehead pimple and it is because of that ice cream I enjoyed with my best friend's daughters at our favorite ice cream shop, well then I love that pimple too. I am comfortable with my pimples, we are friends. I mean like the kind of friend you totally love, but you would like to spend about 48 hours max with and thats about it. Like, byyyyye. I acknowledge them, care for them if needed, let them run their course and then let them go on their way. My pimples do not define me.


Serena Di Prinzio

Owner/Esthetician of Zio Skin Spa




I have beautiful, intelligent, strong and amazing clients who come into my space everyday that shame themselves and cannot see their own internal or external beauty because they are too focused on that one red pimple on their chin or the blackheads on their nose. All I can see is this person who is vibrant and has pretty eyes and lovely arms and an infectious joyful laugh, but all she can see if this one thing about her skin that she doesn't like. Oh if only we could see ourselves through others eyes, we would see how truly unique and lovely we really are. We could see all the amazing things we have to be grateful for and we would realize that pimples dont really matter. 

I refuse to shame myself because I have these pimples. And I will not stop in my mission to help women love themselves, pimples and all.



Jessica Anderson