3 FREE steps to achieving your dream hair

Hair by Jessica Anderson of Salvage Salon

Hair by Jessica Anderson of Salvage Salon

You’ve pinned hundreds of hair inspiration photos on Pinterest and you’ve followed your favorite celebrity hairstylists with high hopes of achieving your own hair goals. But, have you actually taken the first step in making your unique hair dreams come true? What are those steps? How long will it take to get there? How much will it cost and is it worth the wait?

The initial step is simple and it’s free! 

  1. Narrow your Pinterest dream hair photos down to three. Ask yourself “Does this hairstyle support my lifestyle?”

  2. Book a dream hair consultation with your regular hairstylist or local salon. The appointment lasts only 15 minutes and it’s FREE! The key to this appointment is to ask the right questions. Having a grip on your budget before coming in to your appointment is ideal, which gives you a realistic understanding of your timeline. Keep in mind that you can still reach your hair goals on a budget, it will simply take you longer because you’ll have to factor in the at-home hair care products you’re using as well.

  3. Take action and pre-book your next appointment before you leave the salon. Achieving your dream hair on a budget may take several appointments, and it may never happen unless you take this step.

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